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Building the ‘Greensmart’ way

Whatever level of Energy Efficiency you require, Marcus is an accredited HIA ‘Greensmart’ Professional and can help you with many ideas and options in incorporating the use of the latest in Energy Efficient and Environmentally Sustainable Principles into your Home.

Although we have incorporated many aspects of Energy Efficient Design into our Homes & Buildings in the past, we now have the expertise to further expand on these Principals and help you in many more ways to build the ‘Greensmart’ way, taking Sustainability to the next level.

The ‘Greensmart’ approach to Building Design and Site Management aims to increase Energy Efficiency, Reduce Water Consumption, Minimize Building Waste during Construction and encourage better Environmental Management at each stage of Construction.

Not only is the ‘GreenSmart’ approach a real win for the Environment, but this approach to Building Design also provides some great cost savings for new Homes and Renovations. In particular it provides Lower Heating and Cooling Costs (Cheaper to Run), Reduced Energy and Water Consumption, helps keep Construction Costs down through Reduced Waste and more efficient use of Materials.

Speak to us about how you can incorporate ‘Greensmart’ Energy Efficient aspects into your new Home or Renovation, we will advise you of affordable and durable environmental solutions that you can incorporate into your Building.

You will in the long run reap the rewards of reduced running costs, and also add Value to your Home, by incorporating as many aspects into your Building Design as your Budget will allow.