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Our Process

We can provide you with a one on one two hour Building Ideas Consultation to help you with some great ideas, in creating a Home with a true individual edge, and to get underway with the Preliminary Concept Planning for your New Home; Renovation or Commercial Project. If your Plans are already completed, we can provide you with a quotation on your finalised Working Drawings.

Once your Plans are finalized we will supply you with a fully detailed Fixed Price Quotation for Construction. The Quoting timeframe varies from job to job, but on average takes approximately 4 weeks.

Unlike some Builders, Our Quote is guaranteed to include the ‘Hamburger with the Lot’ so no hidden Costs or charges. We allow for realistic Allowances so your home will be fitted with Quality Fittings and Fixtures throughout.

When we have been engaged as your Builder and a Contract is signed to engage us to carry out the works on your project, we will apply for the Building Permit.

As soon as Building Approval is received we will endeavour to commence your project as soon as possible, or as agreed on the Contract. We will maintain close contact with you during all aspects of the Building Process to make sure things run as smoothly as possible and to ensure your Home is completed within the timeframe agreed on the Contract.

We will arrange for Fortnightly onsite Meetings to discuss any queries or questions and make an assessment of areas together where we may require decisions to be made.

A Quality finish is our Number 1 priority with every Home that we Build. Prior to handing over your home to you, we will encourage you to visit the Site and submit a list (Warranty List) via your Client Login Area – if there are any areas that you feel require our attention prior to Handover. We can then work on attending to the areas promptly, all monitor the progress together and therefore verify that everything has been ticked off the list prior to Handover. This system will give you peace of mind that any loose ends have been 100% completed and your Home is handed over to you with the Award Winning Quality Finish we strive for.